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What Is Paranoid Poet Press?

"Much of my poetry makes its way to the surface quite spontaneously and I feel it viscerally, either like an epiphany or an irritation. If I have a writing utensil and some surface area I will try to capture......my impression. From there it's all collage and decollage, I move a line here, take away a line there and voila, poetry, my poetry anyway. Many of the poems in Paranoid Poet Press come from the voice of a character in a novel I've been writing forever, the story is about a mid-level poet who is disappointed in himself because '...he has not lived truly at all like a poet, and a poet he thought himself to be.' What is a poet? While I won't defend such naivety in defining oneself within and among adult society as a 'poet' per se, I do believe that when one considers the 'mind of man' and the Western Canon, the emergence and rapid spread of writing all but 2,500 years ago, and the influence of renaissance literature, enlightenment thinking, and the scientific revolution, one wonders whether the impulse-compulsion to write is genetic-like in its machinery, mimesis of the highest order, which establishes a person's character as thoroughly as having brown or green eyes does, or of being of a particular height."